Pulakos Chocolates
A Proud History, A Promising Future

Our story began in 1889, when founder George P. Pulakos started selling his lovingly handmade candies from his home and from the pushcart he navigated along the streets of Philadelphia. In 1903, he moved to Erie, where his passion for crafting Old World chocolates from the freshest ingredients around led him to open the first of his three stores on the town’s bustling State Street.

Pulakos settled his flagship store into a beautiful building on 926 State Street in 1916. That location, which remained the base of operations until 1971 and inspired him to weave its address into our brand name, introduced thousands of people to one-of-a-kind confections like our famous sponge taffy.

Four generations of Pulakos owners made their mark on the company over the years by opening four stores, operating three bakeries and a restaurant, and relocating the main store and manufacturing facility to 26th and Parade Streets.

Pulakos still operates out of this location and continues to win new fans more than 120 years after George P. Pulakos opened his first store. And that's because while we're always changing, we make sure that the important things-our goal of bringing you the best and freshest candy, our belief in outstanding customer service, and our chocolate artisans’ commitment to bringing our founder’s recipes to life on marble tables and in copper pots-remain the same. We could say more, but we think you’ll be able to taste the Pulakos "always fresh" difference!

Timeline of Events

1889: George P. Pulakos makes his first candy sales out of his house and from the pushcart he navigates through the streets of Philadelphia.

1903: Upon moving to Erie, Pulakos opens his first store at 1108 State Street. He later relocates to 825 State Street.

1916: Pulakos again moves, this time to 926 State Street, the renowned building whose address became part of the company's brand name.

1917: Pulakos 926 Chocolates becomes incorporated in the State of Pennsylvania.

1903-1971: The 926 State Street store starts selling ice cream and baked goods while three new outlets open: a store, restaurant, and bakery at 26th and Parade Streets, a store on 26th Street and Elmwood Avenue, and a store on Wesleyville's Buffalo Road.

1964: Due to a lack of skilled area bakers, Pulakos phases out its bakeries.

1968: The Erie Redevelopment Authority uses eminent domain to take ownership of the store at 926 State Street. Pulakos files a lawsuit that questions the valuation of buildings taken by eminent domain that eventually makes its way to the Supreme Court.

1971: The flagship store and manufacturing facility move to 26th and Parade Streets.

1999: President and fourth-generation owner George A. Pulakos opens a full-service ice cream store at the 26th Street and Elmwood Avenue store.

2023: Pulakos Chocolates celebrates 120 years with a goal of preserving the company's strong traditions and ensuring its viability for new generations of candy and chocolate lovers.